Corinth Pipeworks wins contract to supply steel pipes to Gustorzyn-Wronow Gas Pipeline | Pipe Technology Magazine

2021-11-27 02:49:20 By : Ms. Joyce Wu

GAZ-SYSTEM SA, a Polish gas transmission operator, awarded Corinth Pipeworks a contract to supply enough steel pipes for the Gustorzyn-Wronow gas pipeline. The project will involve 80 kilometers of coated steel pipelines. The Corinthian pipeline project program has more advantages than other companies' programs, and has won contracts among international and local competitors. The company's project value is approximately 217,192,029.00 zlotys, including quantity and transportation tolerances (approximately 47 million euros). The project aims to build a high-pressure pipeline connecting Gustorzin and Vorono to promote the delivery of more natural gas to Warsaw, Łódź, Radom and its surrounding areas, and extend to southeastern Poland. According to reports, the manufacture and coating of the steel pipe will be completed in Corinthian Pipeline's facility in Greece, and is scheduled to be delivered to Poland between April and August 2022. About the natural gas transmission operator GAZ-SYSTEM SA The natural gas transmission operator GAZ-SYSTEM SA is Poland’s strategic energy and economic security department. Its main task is to transport natural gas through the gas transmission network across the country, to the distribution network connected to the gas transmission network and The customer supplies natural gas. About Corinthian Pipeline Company (CPW) Corinthian Pipeline Company (CPW) is a steel pipe division of Cenergy Holdings, which is known for its global leadership in manufacturing steel pipe for the global construction and energy industries. The company has successfully implemented projects in more than 45 countries.

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